Aflið offers two types of courses

From the beginning, self-help groups have been an important part of Aflið’s activities. All participants attend the courses on their own terms and control how much they share.

Today, two types of courses are offered: a basic course and an advanced course. Both combine education and project work. The goal is to help individuals draw strength from others with similar experiences, break isolation, build trust, self-confidence, and better understand their emotions. The main goal of the groups is empowerment.

Courses are free of charge for those who have utilized individual counseling at Aflið.

Basic group

The Basic Group is the first group individuals join after receiving counseling at Aflið. Aflið’s counselors offer group activities after a certain number of sessions, but it is ultimately the individual’s choice whether to join a group. Group activities are only for those who have completed counseling at Aflið.

Advanced group

The Advanced Group is for those who have completed the Basic Group. It continues the work of the Basic Group, both for those who want to expand on what they learned and for those who feel they are not ready to end their collaboration with Aflið after the Basic Group.

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