Counseling for victims of violence and their relatives

Aflið’s Policy

Those who seek our help are experts in their own lives, and no one understands the consequences of violence better than those who have experienced it.


Aflið provides support and counseling to victims of violence and their relatives, where individuals meet with counselors free of charge.


Aflið’s courses are available to those who have completed counseling with Aflið. Aflið’s counselor leads the courses.

Employees and Counselors of Aflið

At Aflið, there are two employees: the Executive Director and the Office Manager, along with six counselors. All counselors at Aflið work under the supervision of a specialist.



Aníta has been a counselor at Aflið since 2017, graduated in occupational therapy in 2001, specializes in mental health rehabilitation, and completed her MA in PM studies in the fall of 2022.



Jóhanna, a counselor at Aflið since 2020, is a nurse specializing in MPM studies (codependency and trauma therapy), a life coach, and holds a diploma in positive psychology.



Karen, with three years of experience as a psychologist and a master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Iceland, works at Aflið with a trauma-informed and strengths-based approach. She offers individual sessions in Húsavík and Akureyri.



MMaría holds a BSc degree in occupational therapy, an additional diploma in mental health and health sciences, and is pursuing a master’s degree in psychology. She is also a life coach and has studied psychological trauma therapy with a focus on strengthening self-identity.



Margaret has been working as a counselor at Aflið since 2023, with a background as a secondary school teacher with a BA in language and education studies, an MA in gender studies, and additional diplomas in special education, positive psychology, and clinical supervision.

Erna Kristín


Erna Kristín holds a master’s degree in psychology and is a certified life coach. She has long worked in counseling, either independently or in her various roles, and has extensive and diverse experience.



Þórey is a social worker by education, having completed her BA in social work in 2018 and her MA in 2022. Þórey has extensive experience working with people in the healthcare field and in disability services.

Erla Hrönn

Executive Director

Erla Hrönn, who has been with Aflið since 2022, is the Executive Director of Aflið.

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